Discover Nautica Suites in Antiparos

A place where the modern design harmoniously intertwines with the traditional Cycladic architecture

Feel the Antiparos magic

The first rays of the morning sun gently caress your eyelids. You find yourself in one of the Nautica Suites in Antiparos and all you feel is bliss. In front of you, lies the Antiparos port, further back the island of Paros and behind you is your suite, in complete harmony with the Cycladic design.

This is heaven on earth.

We are waiting for you to have the best vacation in Antiparos. This trip will be a life experience.

Grand Suite - Nautica Suites in Antiparos
Executive Suite - Nautica Suites in Antiparos

You are almost here

With your family, with your friends, with your children, with your loved ones, Nautica Suites Antiparos is following the unique Cycladic architecture combined with modern facilities and strict specifications even for the most demanding guest.

Modern comforts in a Cycladic ambiance

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